How To Refill 1 LB Propane Tanks w/ Refill Adapter - Proven Method Exposed!

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This is by far our most popular product. We've had people contact us and claim that this adapter doesn't work. WRONG! This 1 LB Propane Refill Adapter does work to refill small canisters and we can prove it. It works on Coleman and other popular branded tanks. It also works with all New OPD equipped tanks. That's right. Contrary to popular belief, the OPD valve on newer propane tanks will have no effect on LP (liquid propane) exiting the larger cylinder. It also will have no effect on LP leaving the larger tank even when the tank is inverted.

See, there's lots of myths going around about this adapter. 

Turns out, the customers and non-believers either purchased a sub-par product elsewhere that offered no support (we offer 100% support with all purchases!) or they never even used this product before. PLEASE NOTE: These adapters are not all created equal. More importantly, other vendors are usually unfamiliar with the product and proper process. We on the other hand, consider ourselves to be experts in this process. Being that we too are users of this product. It's rock solid.


This is why we've sold over 50,000 units and counting of this adapter. Yes, I said 50,000+ units. I hope that tells you something! :)

With every purchase we include a full instructional guide with all the tips and tricks you need to safely use this product while producing the best results.

It's relatively easy to understand the benefits of having an adapter like this kickin around the toolbox. Beyond the financial benefits, you have to consider the functionality of this tool. It's small, heavy duty, made of 100% solid brass. It can be stored away for seasons and taken out at anytime while still being a quality piece of equipment. We frequently do bulk orders for large groups of campers that believe whole-heartedly that they should carry this with them.

So I guess you can call having this tool "peace of mind" depending on your situation. Where we live in Texas, we see customers buy this adapter heavily around hurricane season. It makes perfect sense really. 1 LB tanks are easy to travel with and offer some particularly great benefits.

Some of these might be but are not limited to:

-Fueling small heaters

-Fueling small cooktops

-Welding Torches

-Gas Powered Drill (commonly used by ice fishermen)

And I'm sure you can come up with an entire boat-load more!

If you want to save money and you see the value in this adapter, then what are you waiting for? We offer a 100% money back guarantee and we always stand by our stuff.

It's  a great tool to have on hand. Whether you use it to save loads of money or keep close by in case of an emergency, this one's a winner.

If you use 1 LB propane tanks, this is easily one of the best gadgets you'll ever buy. It pays for itself after several uses. After that... it's all money in the bank!

Don't forget to check out our video below!

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